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    Jul 20  

Purgatory by _M I L A_

    Jul 20  

Few things are harder to crystalize than the enveloping feeling of returning home. We all long for a return, whether it is the end of the work day, business trip, vacation gone awry, soul searching service volunteer commitment, being back from foreign soil, or the return to the nether that had us not in this world. That longing melts a icicle dagger in most people’s torsos. Home has concocted the musical anecdote to your surgical table recovery. The harmonies play as your tissues regrow and bond back together. You slowly walk through the archway of your safest space to the steady yet staggered beat of drums. You have the peace it takes to reflect on what the artist who wants to conjure feelings of Home when you hear his music is trying to impart to you.
This EP is an archive of the three tracks submitted by HOME- for the CLLCTIVE MIXTAPES; V1, V2, and V3. Each track in itself is a hit. HOME-a.k.a Randy Goffe’s music moves you. It truly doesn’t matter what your tastes in music are; Randy manages to supply feel good nostalgic vapor vibes that fit in your brain like serotonin being injected directly into your soul. Listening to HOME- is not just listening to your everyday electronica. It’s an experience; perhaps like you “experience” Pink Floyd, rather than listen to them. I personally have spent the last year listening to many sound-a-likes, and no one compares to the quality control HOME- has, and continues to have.
released 01 August 2014 

Randy Goffe
Punta Gorda, Florida, United States